Nice houses for rent very close to Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Looking for a rental house close to IU?

We own six rental houses just east of the Indiana University campus. All are in the Green Acres neighborhood. We love our houses and try very hard to take care of them and keep them nice. We also try really hard to be the best landlords around! We live here in Bloomington (just a mile east of our rentals), and are usually available not only to fix anything that needs fixing, but also to answer questions and help out our tenants whenever possible.

If you have any questions, call Paul or Jeannette at 812-720-3011. We'd be happy to show you the house or houses you're interested in. Or email

One of our houses at 2401 E. 8th St. 2 bedroom, close to IU

Map showing Downtown, IU Campus, and our 5 properties

All of our houses are located within a half-mile of the IU campus, and close to both IU and city bus lines.

Move-in this coming August, 2019:

3 Bedroom (w/ study) House for Rent
410 N. Clark St, Bloomington, Indiana 47408 | $495/month/bedroom.


Other properties currently rented:

4 Bedroom House for Rent
2530 E. Eastgate Ln, Bloomington, Indiana 47408

2 Bedroom House for Rent
122 N. Bryan Ave, Bloomington, Indiana 47408

3 Bedroom House for Rent
2631 E. 5th St, Bloomington, Indiana 47408

2 Bedroom House for Rent
2401 E. 8th St, Bloomington, Indiana 47408 | $615/month/bedroom Seeking one roommate now and/or in the fall of 2019

3 Bedroom House for Rent
402 N. Clark St, Bloomington, Indiana 47408 | $1440/mo.


We do allow most pets in all of our houses -- but we require an additional $15/month per pet, and we reserve the right to check on the condition of the house and yard to be sure the pet isn't causing any real damage! Most of our houses have hardwood floors with no carpet, but tenants are free to bring in rugs if they want.

If you want a house south of campus, or closer to downtown, our friend Brian also has a few houses and an apartment that might be available:

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